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Every Untamed Expedition safari departure is 100% guaranteed to operate, even for a party of one.


We offer safaris for the budget minded client to the most luxurious camps in all of Africa.


All our guides are highly qualified to educate you on animals, birds, and the people of Africa.


No needless drives between lodges and camps. Our use of internal flights saves many hours of driving on dusty, bumpy roads. This gives you more time to enjoy your safari, including bush cocktails and breathtaking walking safaris. Less time getting there means more time being there.


Easily arranged private bush flights and private vehicles for your group of friends and family – on all our safaris.


All, very tasty, food is included on your safari.


Every one of our 4-wheel drive custom safari vehicles has cool water, animal and bird guidebooks, and bean bags for stabilizing your long camera lenses upon request. Plus every guest is guaranteed a window seat to maximize your viewing pleasure.


With Untamed Expeditions you’re always connected… our safari vehicles have complimentary Wi-Fi. You won’t have to wait hours to share your safari photos with friends. You can go live on social media so all your friends can see what an exciting trip you are having.


Untamed Expeditions guests also receive complimentary Wi-Fi wherever it exists, including your quiet and beautiful camps. You may not want to keep in contact with the outside world… but it’s nice to know you can!


We’re tapped into an extensive safety network: All of Untamed Expeditions safaris include the services of East Africa’s famous Flying Doctors as part of Untamed Expeditions comprehensive Passenger Protection Program, ensuring that emergency transportation is available should the need arise.


The owner of Untamed Expeditions, Linda Wilson, can be reached 24/7 while you are on your trip, if any unusual need arises.


Untamed Expeditions is part of Caring For Kids of Kenya, Inc. which educates underprivileged children in Kenya.  


Our mission is to provide the very best safaris for our clients and also education the children in Kenya.


Why Untamed Expeditions

About Us

Linda Wilson has been a travel agent for over 40 years and now a philanthropist who founded Caring for Kids of Kenya,Inc.  She has traveled Africa extensively visiting Kenya over 50 times.  Being an amateur photographer herself, she recognizes the needs of professional photographers when booking their workshops.  She climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in 1999 and now does charity climbs up the mountain to help support orphans in Kenya go to school.


Over the years Linda has worked with the most sophisticated of travelers as well as the economical traveler.  Her fully customized itineraries include a variety of camps from deluxe to the most unique and elegant camps in all of Africa.  She works with each client individually devoting herself to giving them the best possible experience on their once in a life time vacation.

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