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Sheila from St. Michaels Maryland

"When I signed up with Untamed Expeditions to go on safari in Kenya,  seeing animals in their natural habitat had been my long-time desire.  The experience exceeded all my expectations.  Due to Linda Wilson's expert concierge services, I left Kenya with a deep appreciation for its people and country as a whole.  As a senior solo traveler, I was pampered from the moment I arrived in Nairobi until I left.  Asante sana, Kenya!"

Sharyn from Texas

A childhood dream became a reality when stepping onto the tarmac at Kilimanjaro Airport in Africa this July. A two-week safari planned very spontaneously, opened our eyes to so many enriching sights. We're still way in the clouds never wanting to come down. We would have never thought this experience would be a fraction of what it was. We fell madly in love with Noel our driver for the Tanzania portion of the trip. His knowledge of the parks, animals, and birds was just remarkable.  Back to Kilimanjaro Airport and a quick flight to Nairobi Airport in Kenya. We have never been greeted so well as we were by Maria who zipped us through the airport and customs in record time. We had a state of the art new Land Cruiser with our new guide, George, a great photographer with 30 years of guide experience. A late night drive to Karen Gables and a meet and greet, for the first time, with Linda Wilson our illustrious leader and owner of Untamed Expeditions.  Off to Samburu, Amboseli and the Masai Mara we went! 

We witnessed herds and herds of elephants, hyenas, wart hogs, cheetahs, leopards, lions, gerenuks, and the nearly extinct, black rhino was over the top!

We fell in love with Africa.  The unknown became our spiritual home embraced by the Masai people!

We will go back, sooner then later. Africa stole our hearts❤️ And Linda Wilson of Untamed Expeditions made it happen!

Ann Marie From Maryland


"This was the best gift ever I have given myself and my favorite trip to date. Every detail was covered from the time I departed for Kenya until the time I boarded my flight home, all I had to do was show up. I wish all my trips went this well! The accommodations and food were top notch. The safaris themselves.... one of the happiest moments in my life being among all the beautiful birds and animals roaming freely. The scenery was some of the most beautiful I ever have laid eyes on, a feast for the eyes. My only regret is the time went by far too quickly. Go, and savor every moment." 


July 2023

Judy from California

"I would like to extend my sincerest thank you to Linda Wilson, owner of Untamed Expeditions for preparing the most incredible safari to Kenya. Visiting Africa had been a dream of mine since I was a child. It took a long time to make it come to fruition and I couldn’t think of anyone better to help make that dream come true.


Every detail was perfection, including the lodges and guides (private guides at that). The Conservancies visited and the National Parks provided viewing of the Big Five and so much more. Visiting the cultural community of Samburu and Maasai people were a bonus. There are no words to describe my fabulous experience.


Thank you again, Untamed Expeditions. You prepared a trip that will never be forgotten. I cannot wait to go back. Asante Sana. (Thank you in Swahili)"

Kim Eastburn

"I’d like to thank Linda Wilson for curating an absolutely wonderful trip to Kenya. The lodges we stayed in, all provided a unique experience, with staff and food that always exceeded our expectations. The guides that acted as our long term drivers were experts in their field and amazed us at how close they got us to the animals, while always keeping our safety as their utmost priority.

My friends and I are all seasoned travelers that wanted to make sure we had a luxury experience. Linda provides that for sure. She thought of every detail and it made for a worry free, hassle free trip. All we had to do was enjoy the natural beauty and friendly people of Kenya. 

We would highly recommend Linda Wilson’s services and have her curate our next trip back to Africa."


Chris from Chicago

“Over the past 5 years I have been on 3 different custom designed safari’s with Linda Wilson’s Untamed Expeditions, traveling to Tanzania (2014), Botswana/Zimbabwe (2015), and most recently Kenya (2019).  Each trip has been a trip of a lifetime to countries I never thought I would get to and seeing wildlife that has changed my life.  All 3 of my safaris have been with 
a small group of photographer friends, and she has paired us well with wonderful friendly guides who have taken great care of us from the time we land until we are dropped back off at the airport.  
Oh, and let’s not forget about the “tented camps”...The places we have stayed have all blown me away and far exceeded my imagination.  Africa is truly magical, and Linda will help you make it even more so!  Thank you Linda for planning, coordinating and making it all happen.”

Rick Hunter


“I’ve always been glad whenever I've booked my photo expeditions through Untamed Expeditions and Linda Wilson.  Over several expeditions to Tanzania and Botswana, the itineraries, accommodations, and driver/guides have been outstanding. I never have to concern myself about the logistics, freeing me to concentrate on my photography. Thank you Linda Wilson and Untamed Expeditions. I’m already looking forward to my next adventure.”

Jim Brown

High Plains Reflections Gallery


"Our recent Kenya safari by Untamed Expeditions was amazin. Starting with our pickup at the airport by a smiling and energetic driver who made sure even our short trip to our overnight B&B was filled with stops and fun. Our drivers made sure every detail for each day’s photo adventure was complete. We stayed in beautiful tented camps where we watched the elephants stroll by our decks. The final leg of our trip included a dramatic sundowner, arranged by Linda, with wonderful food and wine on the open wild plains, complete with fire pit and music. Thank you Linda for arranging such a sensational lifetime experience!"

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