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Untamed Expeditions specializes in fully cutomized safaris to meet each individual needs.  Rather it be a family reunion, honeymoon or retirees celebrating an anniversary we will find the perfect safari just for you.  If you enjoy going off the beaten path we can arrange for you to spend a few hours at a local orphanage and meet amazing children that will change your outlook on life.  You can pet a baby elephant at David Sheldrick's Elephant Orphanage or kiss a giraffe at  Giraffe Center.   




When searching for a safari the price is determained by

four factors.


Are you flying or driving from park to park?  The roads are rough and sometimes very dusty. Not recommended.


Do you have a private driver?   A must!


The time of year you go. Each country has high and low seasons determined by the rains.


Lodge catagory:  Deluxe, Luxury and Exclusive.


Click on the links above to see lodges in Kenya,Tanzania and Botswana.




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